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  1. Hi Tracy,
    I was looking up some info on chia seeds and found your site. It looks great! I have a limited diet due to allergies, etc., and try to find various ways to get good fiber. Do you know if chia seeds provide just as good fiber if they are blended — or do they need to be in their whole form, not blended? Either way I’d soak them first, but wonder if I should not blend them. I guess I could stir them into a smoothie after it comes out of the blender… ? Thanks!

  2. Tracy:
    Hi,I got your name and website from the healthy smoothie headquarters as I was looking at Ryan’s smoothie recipes and I copied some of his recipes in my book to try them in my new magic bullet blender that I got for Christmas in mom and I blend Ryan’s healthy smoothies in my blender.
    Tracy,I just visited your wonderful website and I just copied down your shamrock shake green smoothie recipe,and I will let you know how much I like your smoothie after I buy the ingredients and make it in my blender.I am going to make this smoothie for my mom as well.
    I love your website.

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