Here’s a delicious green smoothie that blends the sweet flavors of pineapple, banana and almonds while hiding the taste of mineral-rich broccoli and spinach. Pineapples also contain nutrients that may have anti-inflammatory properties. Bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapple, may also support digestion. Broccoli is a great source of calcium and antioxidants. The pineapple and […]

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This tropical fusion fruit smoothie is delicious! I call it “tropical fusion” because this recipe blends the exotic flavors of the tropics (guava, banana) with delectable northern peaches. The carrots and ginger accent the flavors of peach and guava or a heavenly, and healthy, blend. Carrots are extremely good for you. They have been shown […]

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Dragon fruit, or pitaya, is native to Mexico, Central America, and South America. They are also cultivated in Asia. The only place in the United States where dragon fruit is grown is Hawaii. For all of its color and exotic appearance, the dragon fruit has a surprisingly bland flavor reminiscent of a mildly sweet melon […]

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This exotically fruity green smoothie blends the creamy custard flavor of durian with the tropical flavor of pineapple. Add in a bit of raw cacao (chocolate) and this smoothie is as decadent as it is nutritious. A special ingredient in this recipe is dulse flakes. Dulse is a type of sea vegetable that provides over […]

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The jackfruit is the largest tree-borne fruit and is native to south and southeast Asia, but is also cultivated in Central and South America, as well as Hawaii, California and Florida. Jackfruit has fibrous, starchy flesh and its green or yellow (when ripe) skin is covered in bumps. The flavor is sweet, and has been […]

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This smoothie is simple, but very tasty. Tamarind is slightly bitter, but it complements oranges nicely. The tamarind fruit is encased within a brown pod. Inside the pod of the tamarind is a soft, brown pulp with hard-coated black seeds. It is this pulp that people eat to get all the nutritional and health benefits […]

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When it’s cold and blustery outside, there’s nothing like the tropical flavors of mango, coconut and lime to get you thinking warm thoughts. This green smoothie recipe provides a powerful dose of vitamins and minerals wrapped up in a delicious tropical package. Mangoes are a super-fruit rich in beta-carotene and high in dietary fiber. This […]

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Also known as the Barbados Cherry, West Indian Cherry and Wild Crepemyrtle, Acerola is a berry that provides a tart, citrus-like flavor to your green smoothie recipes. Acerola is grown in Central and South America, as well as Mexico and Vietnam. There has been a recent movement to cultivate it in the state of Texas. […]

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This is one of the first green smoothie recipes I made using passion fruit. I loved it! The flavors mingled together nicely. I had never had a passion fruit before this recipe since I grew up in Vermont. I’m not sure how hard it is to find passion fruit there, but I had never seen […]

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I love this time of year because that means that pummelos are in season! And its also time to make green smoothies with this over-sized citrus fruit. Since pummelos are not as bitter as grapefruit, I wanted to try a pummelo smoothie without a lot of sweet fruit to see how it would taste. Most […]

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