I used to love my morning cup of coffee, and the stronger the better! However, I ended my 12-year affair with “the bean” back in 2008. I did this primarily as part of a raw food diet trial. I also wanted to free myself from my caffeine addiction. I was tired of waking up every morning with a headache, needing that first cup just to feel “normal” and alert.

I’ve read about how caffeine over-consumption leads to exhaustion, fatigue and addiction. I saw parallels with my own experiences, as an avid coffee drinker that I wanted to test this out for myself. I decided to go off coffee for a couple weeks to see what health benefits I would experience.

It took me two weeks to wean myself from coffee to green tea, which contains a third of the caffeine as coffee. I’ve tried to go cold-turkey before, but the detox symptoms were excruciating and I could only last one day before caving in to my cravings.

How I Quit The Bean Without Suffering (Too Much)

Caffeine withdrawal symptoms can range from a mild headache to full-blown flu-like symptoms. To me, it felt like someone was trying to split my head open from the inside. To reduce detox, I drank two cups of green tea the first week but I still had a mild headache for the first couple days. It was manageable, though.

After the first week, I went to one cup of tea. Halfway through the second week, it was late afternoon before I realized that I hadn’t had my tea that day. That was the last day I had a caffeinated beverage.

Since quitting my daily dose of strong, black coffee, I have noticed an increase of energy (ironically enough) that lasts throughout the day. I am more calm and positive as well. I feel “cleaner” inside.

I Was Shocked About What Coffee Had Done To My Body

Two weeks after going caffeine-free, I brewed myself a cup of coffee. What I experienced was not pleasant and I was amazed that I used to drink that amount or more every morning just to feel “normal”.

That one cup had me feeling anxious, jittery and restless all day. I felt like my entire body was vibrating and my heart was pounding. I had trouble sleeping that night.

The reaction I had was from just one cup of coffee! This experience was a wake-up call. I wondered what this daily dose of stimulants was doing to my body, especially in the long term.

Life Is Sweeter Without Caffeine

I don’t drink coffee anymore. I don’t miss it, really. I like being free and waking up without a headache. When I do have a cup now and then, I know I’m in for an anxious ride that reminds me why I gave it up in the first place.

If you are struggling with low energy, try making green smoothies with raw maca powder. You’ll get a boost of energy and perhaps even a lighter mood that helps to offset caffeine withdrawal symptoms.

Instead of reaching for your morning cup of coffee to kill your headache and help you feel “alive”, try reaching for a green smoothie instead. My new Green Smoothie Weight Loss program features lots of recipes specifically for energy, “Monday Mornings”, focus, productivity and creativity, as well as for losing weight with green smoothies.

Read more about green smoothies or check out the FAQ.

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