"I Lost 40 Pounds, Lowered My Cholesterol, Found Boundless Energy, And Stopped Getting Sick..."

Find Out How Green Smoothies Changed My Life

My name is Tracy Russell and I want to share with you my health journey and how green smoothies radically changed my health for the better.

I used to get caught up in fad diets, detox and cleansing programs and supplements to gain energy and vitality. I'd drink three to four cups of coffee just to get through my day. I was constantly taking pills for heartburn. My cholesterol was elevated and no matter what I did, I just couldn't clear up my acne.

I knew I had to eat better. I knew I needed more fruits and vegetables in my diet. However, I'd always cave into cravings and give up salads for junk foods.

The choice between a plate of broccoli and a slice of pizza (washed down with a large soda) was never a hard decision!

I felt like the more I chased after better health, the further away it got. I was about 40 pounds overweight (and climbing), my energy was falling and my motivation to exercise was missing in action!

When it came to seeking perfect health, I was missing the mark again and again.

Here's my phenomenal transformation!

FINALLY a flat tummy! That's the power of green smoothies and raw foods!

No amount of supplements, detoxes and crash diets can fix unhealthy habits.

I didn't need a miracle pill or an expensive herbal supplement. What I needed was a new healthy habit. I didn't want to radically overhaul my diet. I just wanted something simple, easy and fun that would help me make better choices about what I ate.

It wasn't long until I discovered the green smoothie! Within a few months of drinking green smoothies on a daily basis:
  • I lost 40 pounds.

  • I maintained my ideal weight effortlessly.

  • My skin cleared up and I had a radiant, healthy glow (even in the winter).

  • My heartburn was gone.

  • I started craving healthy foods!

  • I had boundless energy and no longer felt the need to drink coffee just to get going in the morning.
Green smoothies completely changed my health and my life for the better. It wasn't hard. It was actually quite delicious and fun! Strangers started asking me what my secret was for great hair, skin and a flat tummy!

After years of blending phenomenally tasty and healthy green smoothies, I've created a program that will teach you how to be a smoothie master chef while being able to make delicious creations that will revolutionize your health! You'll be amazed with the changes and how easy it really is!

"My Green Smoothie Health Program" Shows You The Secrets To...

  • Weight Loss and Maintenance: Find out how I FINALLY lost 40 pounds of body fat and now maintain my ideal weight without effort.

  • Never Getting Sick: Would you believe it's been more than four years since I've been sick - not so much as a head cold? It's true!

  • Endless Energy: This is a complete program with an exercise routine that you can plug into your already busy life. Watch your energy skyrocket!

  • Natural Beauty: I'll show you how green smoothies help you get great skin, great hair and nails. Even in the winter I have a beautiful, healthy glow with almost no sun!

  • Detox: Forget water and lemon juice fasts! Find out how to eat well, be satisfied and still detox and cleanse!

  • Digestive Health: My heartburn and indigestion are gone for good! I'll show you how to get off the pills and improve your digestion naturally!

  • Feeling Great: I'll show you how you can look and feel great with green smoothies.

Now is the time to take charge of your health!

"The Green Smoothie Health Program" features detailed information about the secrets to phenomenal health. You'll get lots of health-specific recipes and expert, knowledgeable advice for addressing specific diet and health needs.

What People Are Saying...

"...my pants went from 'not too flattering' to 'easy to zip'"

"I liked how I felt on the program for sure - light, airy, and more loose in my body! There wasn't really anything that I didn't like - fruits, veggies, and a blender - super simple! I lost about 8 pounds in three weeks - I was gauging more by pant size and my pants in the waist went from 'not too flattering' to 'easy to zip'! You do great work!"

-Sarah Sawinski


"My blood sugar is down and without meds."

"I started with one smoothie in the morning. It's only been a month now, but I have tried more fruits and vegetables with green smoothies then I would have any other way in my lifetime. This includes fruits like papaya, kiwi, avocado, mango and vegetables like kale, spinach, watercress, arugula.

It's been a process that has changed my way of life. I am now doing 2 smoothies a day (all natural without the powder supplements), two snacks a day and a normal meal at dinner.

In one month I have lost 7 pounds and had to buy a belt to keep my jeans up :-) I am excited about my day and what kind of smoothie I can make next. I've learned about dragonfruit, medjool dates and more greens then you can image. Buying dandelion greens was a real stumbling block for me (they grown wild in the north) but I finally did it today and plan to try them this week.

My blood sugar is down and without meds, it needs to go down more but I believe that it will as long as I continue down my current path. The information from your web site, books and videos made all the difference to my successful transition to a healthy diet. I look forward to great results on my next cholesterol and A1C tests. Thank you!"

-Ginny Brummond from Alachua, FL USA


"I have lost 16.5 pounds so far"

"This Friday will make 5 weeks I have been following a vegan diet. I have lost 16.5 pounds as of this morning. I am SHOCKED! I am NEVER hungry and I do not feel deprived.

I am ecstatic!!! I cannot get over how much I am enjoying what I eat/drink.

I did not know I LOVE spinach, mangoes and cauliflower!!!

Thank you SO VERY MUCH for the knowledge you have shared. You continue to inspire and help me expand my food choices for the better!"

-Linda Boylston Bookstein from Boston, MA USA


"I am down by 10 lbs. in the 30 days!"

"I am down by 10 lbs. in the 30 days. It has been a rather interesting experience. I was pleasantly surprised as to how full I would feel after having the smoothies and that I did meet my caloric needs with them. I have grown used to having the smoothies as meal replacements or additions to meals. I have gotten more fruits and veggies in my diet in the last month than I have in a long time. I have been looking for a way to move towards a more plant-based diet, and this has most certainly helped me to start it."

-Heather Morrill


"Flat stomach at age 50, even after menopause"

"I am a 50 year old mother of three daughters and six beautiful grandchildren! I have always been concerned about my health and able to keep my weight under control (not without lots of sweat and healthy eating) my whole life. The last few years have been tough, going thru menopause, and I have put on an extra 15-20 pounds.

I wanted more vegetables in my diet, but have a very sensitive intestinal system and raw veggies give me lots of gas! I came across your program by accident and it truly convinced me! I love the smoothies and have no problem with gas! I experiment with many different greens/fruits and feel fabulous and have TONS of energy for chasing after my grandchildren! I actually have stopped eating meat and eat a mostly vegan diet (with the exception of fish and organic cheeses).

Many people comment about how I donít look my age!! I love it!!

I couldnít feel any better and am so impressed with the program and how easy and quickly it works. I certainly have to work hard at my exercising and have two smoothies a day, but it works!! I have even been able to fit into my wedding dress that I wore almost 30 years ago (another one of my goals).

If at the age of 50 I can have a flat stomach even after going thru menopause, the program can work for anyone who really cares about their health and well being! Menopause is the worst at putting on weight specifically in your mid section.

I feel fabulous! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world. I have shared your program with many people as I am a testament that it works, even for us old people!!! Thanks again!"

-Shelly from Grand Rapids, MI USA

"Blood sugar measurements never increased by more than 20 points over the before smoothie level"

"Tracy, you have helped me to change my life for the better. I ran across your website while searching for foods higher in potassium so that I could stop taking prescription potassium supplements that I had been taking since August 2012. Those potassium pills have caused my stomach so much pain.

Based on information I have learned from you (I purchased your complete program) I started a 30 day Green Smoothie Challenge on January 19, 2013. So far (as of Feb. 6, 2013) I have lost 11 pounds and I feel great.

I was one of those people who was worried about how my sugar would react to the smoothies since I am diabetic type 2. For the first week I checked my blood sugar before and 1 hr after and 2 hrs after my green smoothies. My fingers were so sore that week but what I learned is that the smoothies seem to have a normalizing affect on my blood sugar level instead of increasing it.

After the smoothies, my 1 hr and 2 hr blood sugar measurements never increased by more than 20 points over the before smoothie level. That's amazing! Also, after about nine days, I noticed my stomach had stopped hurting.

I don't know for sure, but I believe my stomach is healing itself. I can tell when my potassium drops too low as I have general aches and pains all over my body and cramps in my calves as well as a sort of brain fog. Since having one or two smoothies a day for the last seventeen days, a lot of aches and pains all over my body have decreased or disappeared completely, I have no cramps in my calves at all and I am mentally alert and clear thinking. I am also so much sleeping better at night and waking up earlier feeling refreshed.

Some of the things I have enjoyed about your materials include the weight loss smoothies and meals, the nutrition information for the different greens, and your recommendations for greens and fruit pairings that taste delicious. I also very much appreciate that you take a balanced approach to raw foods, and don't just claim that it's all or nothing. Thank you for taking the time to do the research and put these materials together. I know it's not easy to do and I appreciate your willingness to create a website and sharing your experience with others. "

-Deb Conner from Timberlake, NC, USA

With "The Green Smoothie Health Program", You'll Learn:

Delicious green smoothie recipes for cold and flu, stress, bone health, concentration, heartburn, mood, energy, cancer-protection and more! There's even smoothie recipes for better sex!

How you can finally lose weight and keep that weight off.

How to make delicious green smoothies full of fruits and vegetables that your family will LOVE. Plus, they'll never even know it's packed with nutrients!

Simple workouts that will get results and that fit within your busy schedule.

How This Program Works

"The Green Smoothie Health & Weight Loss Program" is not just another green smoothie recipe e-book. It is a comprehensive lifestyle program that includes delicious recipes targeting specific health goals, a workout routine, answers to frequently asked questions and expert advice on how to maximize your results.

You do not need to be a strict vegan or 100% raw foodist to do this program. This is not a strict smoothie-only diet. Green smoothies, and the information you'll learn with this program, can be incorporated into any diet and lifestyle.

Here's What You Get

Component # 1

Green Smoothie Remedies & Prevention (PDF)

This e-book features over 200 green smoothie recipes targeting 45 health concerns based on evidence gathered from over 140 peer-reviewed, clinical journals. Recipes were created using fruits and vegetables that have been shown to provide preventative and therapeutic benefits for a variety of health conditions, based on data gathered from hundreds of scientific health studies.

This e-book includes delicious green smoothie recipes for protecting against cancer, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, allergies, asthma, lupus, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, heart & cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cataracts, cold & flu, arthritis & gout, anxiety & depression and so much more. You'll also get recipes using foods that may build muscle, enhance sexual performance, improve digestion, perk you up on a Monday morning and facilitate weight loss!

Component # 2

The Green Smoothie Weight Loss Program (PDF)

The 4-week Green Smoothie Weight Loss program shows you exactly how I used green smoothies to lose 40 pounds, effortlessly maintain my ideal weight and rock a flat stomach! I lay out all of my weight loss tricks, tips, a five day meal plan, and advice in the Green Smoothie Weight Loss Manual.

Also included with the Green Smoothie Weight Loss program is the Green Smoothie Weight Loss Success Journal where you will track your progress.

You'll also get my Green Smoothie Weight Loss Meals with 40 meal replacement green smoothie recipes to help you lose weight. In addition, this e-book also shares my favorite non-smoothie recipes to help you plan dinners that are delicious, easy to make and that help you reach your weight loss goals.

Component # 3

The Green Smoothie Master Chef Course (PDF)

Absolutely everything that I know about green smoothie recipe making is in this e-book!

You will learn:

How to make the most delicious green smoothies,

Which fruits taste best with which greens,

What superfoods I use and why,

My simple technique for making double layer smoothies that change flavors as you drink them,

And more!

Component # 4

Detox In 4 Days: A Seasonal Guide To Cleansing Your Body, Mind & Home (PDF)

This 129-page e-book features four, 4-day seasonal detox meal plans complete with recipes to help you cleanse your body with green smoothies and raw foods. This is not your typical liquid starvation cleanse. This is a powerful, whole foods detox regimen.

You will learn the real truth about colon cleansing, parasites, candida and herbal detox solutions. I'll show you what foods facilitate detox and which foods do not (you might be surprised!). I will also show you how to detox your home. There are even some suggestions for "mental detox regimens" that you can try to de-stress and center yourself.

Component # 5

Green Smoothie Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Revision 3 (PDF)

This 78-page report provides detailed, expert answers to more than 100 115 frequently asked questions about green smoothies, health and nutrition.

I'll answer questions like:

How do I lose/gain weight with green smoothies?

How do I get more protein, calcium and iron?

How do I properly detox with green smoothies?

Component # 6

100 Green Smoothie Recipes E-Book - 2nd Edition (PDF)

This e-book contains 100 green smoothie recipes that are not published on Incredible Smoothies. Half of these recipes have been submitted by our readers from all over the world!

These recipes have been categorized (meal replacement, tropical, fusion, antioxidant, banana-free, etc...) and includes nutrition information. You'll get endless ideas for making green smoothies a staple in your new, healthy lifestyle.

Component # 7

Exercise & Fitness For Busy People (PDF)

This 19-page, illustrated report gets you started with a fitness routine that works with any schedule. Whether you have 5 minutes or 45 minutes to work out each day, this report shows you how to get the most out what little time you have to exercise.

Included is a sample cardio and strength training workout with no gym membership required!

Component # 8

Nutritional Value Of Leafy Greens (PDF)

This convenient, 21-page report features detailed nutrition information about 16 common leafy greens that you might find at your local supermarket. You'll get tips on how to use them with certain fruits in green smoothie recipes. Expand your leafy green horizons and find out which greens are powerhouses for nutrition!


BONUS #1 - Video Demos: Green Smoothie & Raw Vegan Ice Cream - You'll get access to two videos where I demonstrate how to make a highly nutritious meal replacement green smoothie.

You will also get access to a video where I show you how to make a vegan raspberry ice cream using your blender!

The videos are in both .MOV and .WMV format so you can view them on your Mac, PC or iPad.

BONUS #2 - The 7-Day Green Smoothie Kickstart Guide (PDF) - New and improved, this 17-page digital report gives you a basic primer on green smoothie making. Each day will focus on a different target nutrient. We'll show you how to make smoothies for calcium, iron, omega-3s, protein and more.

BONUS #3 - Free Updates - Since this is a digital only program and you will not be receiving anything in the mail, I can offer this amazing bonus feature! Every time I update the Green Smoothie Health & Weight Loss Program, you'll have the opportunity to gain access to them...for life, and with nothing more to buy.

BONUS #4 - Access The Program On All Your Digital Devices - Since this program is digital, you can access it on all of your electronic devices! Instructions for downloading the files to your iPad, Kindle or other e-reader device will be e-mailed with your download link.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

I want you to experience the health benefits and joy I have experienced with green smoothies. This is why I am offering you a 30-day worry-free guarantee.

If for any reason you are not happy with the program within 30-days of purchase, then let me know and I will refund 100% of the purchase price.

Are you ready to take your health to the next level?

Don't put off your health. Don't put off living to the fullest! "The Green Smoothie Health Program" is a down-to-Earth, no-hype plan that shows you how to start a healthy green smoothie habit.

This program is completely digital, so you will have instant access to all e-books, reports and video files immediately after purchase.

Since no trees were harmed in the making of this product, you can feel good that your purchase didn't scar the planet or require any fossil fuels to arrive at your door!

Start building the new, healthier you with "The Green Smoothie Health & Weight Loss Program", a $147 value, for the low price of $57!

I want to experience the power of green smoothies and the positive change they can make in my diet, health and lifestyle for only $57!

I realize that if I am not completely thrilled with the Green Smoothie Health program, I can request a full refund within 30 days.

Please accept my order for a digital copy of The Green Smoothie Health Program at the low price of only $57!

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The upgrade package includes everything in "The Green Smoothie Health Program" as well as the following:

Thriving On Raw Foods E-Book (PDF)

This 100 page e-book outlines our strategy for making healthy, raw fruits and vegetables a foundation to our diet. You'll get daily meal plans, recipes, grocery shopping lists as well as lots of expert tips and strategies for making a lasting health improvement.

The 21-day transitional guide is divided into three weeks to help you make changes at your own pace. A $29.95 value!

The Raw Food Diet Answers (PDF)

Over 50 questions about the raw food diet, health and nutrition are expertly answered in this beautiful e-booklet. A $9.95 value!

How To Be Your Own Health Guru (PDF)

This e-book discusses the problems with conflicting and confusing health and nutrition information. Learn how to decipher the truth from the hype and make your own choices about health and nutrition with confidence. A $9.95 value!

100 Green Smoothie Recipes - 1st Edition (PDF)

Our first edition smoothie recipe e-book contains 100 green smoothie recipes that are reader favorites from Incredible Smoothies. These recipes are compiled in this convenient e-book to help you find the best of what Incredible Smoothies has to offer!

You'll get meal replacement smoothie recipes, low calorie smoothies and recipes that target specific nutrients with wonderful fruit and even chocolate flavors! A $9.95 value!

These add-ons should cost an extra $59.80 but if you order right now, they will only cost an additional $20.00!

Get everything you need to know to revolutionize your health with "The Green Smoothie Health Program" AND take your health to the next level with the "Thriving On Raw Foods Program" for the low price of $77

I want to experience the power of green smoothies and enjoy their many health benefits.

* AND *

I want to learn how I can incorporate more raw foods in my diet in a fun, delicious way.

I realize that if I am not completely thrilled with the Green Smoothie/Raw Foods program, I can request a full refund within 30 days.

Please accept my order for a digital copy of The Green Smoothie Health Program and the Thriving On Raw Foods program at a special, bundled sale price of only $77!

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PPS: Why hesitate to give this program a try? After all, you have a full 30 days to evaluate them and if you're not 100% satisfied, just contact us for a full refund.


Medical Disclaimer:
The material provided in the Green Smoothie Health & Weight Loss Program is intended for informational purposes only, and is not intended as medical advice or to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional. It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience of Tracy Russell. We encourage you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional.