Smoothie health benefitsA nutritious, tasty green smoothie has been a cherished morning ritual for me since early 2008. Since then, I have experienced dramatic improvements in health, energy and mental clarity by increasing my consumption of fruits, vegetables and whole foods.

I have lost about 40 pounds back in 2008 and another 45 pounds after the birth of my son is September of 2013. I easily maintain my ideal weight with minimal effort. If you haven’t already, give green smoothies a try. You’ll be amazed at the health benefits.

Health Benefits of Green Smoothies

1 – Natural Weight Loss

Drinking a green smoothie is the best thing you can do to lose weight. I weighed 147 pounds when I added smoothies to my diet. I lost 40 pounds in just a few months and now maintain a healthy, normal weight. I was also able to lose all the baby weight from the birth of my son in about four months.

Green smoothies provide the nutrition, vitamins, minerals, healthy carbohydrates, fiber and low fat whole food that you need to lose weight quickly, safely and effectively without starving yourself. After drinking green smoothies for a few weeks, I noticed that my cravings for junk foods were greatly reduced and I actually began craving healthy food options!

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2 – Increased Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables (Particularly Greens)

The American Cancer Society recommends that we eat 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables each day to prevent cancer and other diseases. Green smoothies are a quick and convenient way to get your vegetables and dark, leafy greens without tasting them. The fruit masks the flavor so even though all you taste is pineapple, mango, banana or strawberry, you are consuming a healthy dose of spinach, kale, carrots, tomatoes and any other vegetable that you put in.

3 – Easy Digestibility and Nutrient Assimilation

Blending fruits and vegetables together breaks down the cells of plants and improves digestibility. Your blender unlocks the nutrients and maximizes their delivery to your body more than chewing any salad could. Smoothies are quicker and more convenient than preparing and thoroughly chewing a salad, especially when you are on the go.

4 – Antioxidants

Green smoothies are high in antioxidants and phytonutrients. Not only are you giving your body the best defenses for disease, but you are ingesting a variety of natural substances that are essential for optimum health and fitness.

5 – Increased Energy

Smoothies provide a powerful boost of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients without bogging down your digestive system. Since you are eating natural, whole foods in the most optimum form for your digestion and nutrient absorption, you will have more energy to get things done and enjoy your day.

6 – Mental Clarity and Focus

With a healthier diet comes greater mental clarity and focus. Green smoothies have replaced my morning coffee ritual. Since becoming caffeine-free, I have experience greater alertness, energy and dramatically reduced anxiety and nervousness that I used to deal with on a daily basis.

7 – Increased Fiber Intake

Unlike fruit juice or using a juicer, green smoothies use the whole fruit and vegetable so that you get all the fiber and nutrition. Fiber is essential for good colon health and it keeps your bowels in working order. This is the main reason why green smoothies are better for you than green juices.

8 – Clearer Skin

Clearer, radiant skin is an often-reported benefit to eating healthier. Smoothies are high in fiber and allow your body to eliminate toxins the right way instead of through your skin. I never noticed my healthy glow until I was looking at a group photo that was taken in the middle of winter. I looked like I had just been tanning even though I never really went outside.

9 – Reduce Cravings

Green smoothies reduce cravings for junk foods, unhealthy sweets, salt and fats. You will find that after a few weeks of drinking smoothies, you will crave healthier foods such as fruits, vegetables and greens.

10 – Excellent Source Of Minerals For Healthy Bones

Green smoothies provide a rich source of minerals thanks to the dark, leafy greens. All of the bone-building nutrients are abundant including calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. Many of my green smoothie recipes on this website contain more than 200 milligrams of calcium, and many have more calcium than a glass of milk.

11 – Rich With Chlorophyll

Green smoothies are rich with chlorophyll which some natural health experts say enhances the immune system, purifies the blood and rejuvenates the body. While these claims are likely over-hyped, it doesn’t hurt to get potentially beneficial plant compounds in your diet. If you do wish to increase your intake of chlorophyll, then get it from leafy greens and skip the questionable supplements.

12 – Alkalizing

Promoters of the acid-alkaline “theory” claim that green smoothies help neutralize blood pH and prevent the body from becoming too acidic. The truth is that no food causes blood pH to change, and so green smoothies would have no effect in neutralizing blood pH since your body tightly regulates it (regardless of what you eat).

However, many of my readers (myself included) have noticed that heartburn and indigestion disappear when drinking green smoothies. And the increase in mineral intake (especially calcium), can help support optimum function in the body.

In addition to these health benefits, green smoothies are:

  • Easy to make and clean up after.
  • Taste amazing.
  • Will keep for a couple days in the fridge.
  • Are fun to make and experiment with different fruit and vegetable combinations.

Visit my recipe pages for lots of ideas and delicious creations.

How To Get The Green Smoothie Health Benefits That You Need

Green smoothies do more than just taste great and provide general health benefits. You can make smoothies that target specific health goals you might have by using certain fruits and greens together. But you need to know what those ingredients are and why they work together.

To lose weight, I’ll make a weight-loss smoothie. If the cold or flu is going around, I’ll make an immunity-boosting blend. If I want to have more energy, detox, improve digestion or reduce my risk for certain diseases, all I have to do is make the right recipe using the right ingredients.

Do you want to learn how to make a smoothie that contains 50% of your daily value of calcium or iron? How about a smoothie that can wake you up better than coffee. Or a smoothie that can spice up your love life?

My Green Smoothie Weight Loss program contains everything that you need to know about maximizing the health benefits of green smoothies. It includes my 21-day weight loss meal plan, as well as my new 15-Minute Fitness guide, shopping lists, a success journal and so much more. The best part, is I have included all the nutritional information for you!

Find out exactly how I lost 40 pounds, lowered my cholesterol and increased my energy (and fitness) with the Green Smoothie Weight Loss Program.

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Tracy Russell is the creator of the Green Smoothie Weight Loss Program, the 30-Day Whole Foods Challenge and founder of Incredible Smoothies. She is passionate about helping people improve their health with green smoothies and a whole foods lifestyle.

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