No Longer On Cholesterol Medication and Blood Sugar In Normal Range – Green Smoothie Inspriations

Pam made a New Years resolution to improve her health and energy. Already, she has made some incredible progress and changes to her health and lifestyle. She has lost sixteen pounds, no longer requires her cholesterol medication, and she has renewed energy. Read her incredible story below!

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Green Smoothie Inspiration: Pam – Arcadia, FL, USA

PamI started drinking green smoothies on January 1, 2013, after a cruise to the Caribbean. I made a New Year’s resolution to do something to improve my health and energy in 2013.

I’m 5’1″ but had a weight of 147 pounds and my weight kept creeping up every time I stepped on the scale. I was on medication for high cholesterol and my blood sugar was reaching the point where I’d need to go on medication for that as well. I also had very low energy. Then I started drinking green smoothies.

I recently had my full annual physical and my doctor was very impressed. I no longer need to take medication for high cholesterol and my sugar is below 100. I weigh 131 lbs and I am no longer overweight but at a healthy weight for my age (I am over 60).

My new energy is amazing. I walk and run three times a week. I do not take an afternoon nap and I feel wonderful! All thanks to green smoothies!

My doctor wanted the URL for the [Incredible Smoothies] website and for Cron-O-Meter, as she was very impressed. While I was in her office, she went on the Cron-O-Meter website and said it was very thorough and would suggest it to some of her clients who wished to monitor their health.

I lost the majority of the 16 pounds in January [2013] and I have been able to maintain my new weight with no effort at all. I am planning on losing six to eight more pounds soon. I plan to make green smoothies a lifestyle change for myself.

Every day I drink one 16-ounce fruit smoothie and one 8-ounce green smoothie. Other than my two smoothies, I eat one meal, usually dinner. I enjoy a mostly vegetarian diet.

My green smoothie is typically something like this:

– 1 lemon
– 1 lime
– 2 bananas
– 2 cups kale
– ½ cup fresh squeezed OJ

My significant other and my mother also follow the green smoothie program with me since January. Several of my friends and sisters and brothers have expressed interest in starting too, and I have referred them to Incredible Smoothies. I think people with health issues should definitely take a serious look at this program because IT WORKS!

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Tracy Russell is the creator of RESET 28: A 28-Day Program For Energy, Weight Loss & A Healthy Glow, and founder of Incredible Smoothies. She has been helping people take control of their health and well being with green smoothies, a whole foods diet, and fitness since 2009.