Conquering Fear (How I Started Incredible Smoothies)


My husband has always been very inspirational to me. One of his favorite quotes is by Neale Donald Walsch: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” In the eleven years we have been together, he has gently nudged me well outside of my comfort zone on many occasions. One thing I have learned […]

Green Smoothies For Allergy Sufferers

Green Smoothies For Allergy Sufferers

One of the first things I noticed after drinking green smoothies for a while was that my seasonal allergy symptoms were greatly reduced. I no longer suffered sudden onset allergy attacks out of the blue. I have heard stories from many others who have had the same results. While there is limited research on foods […]

Banana-Cashew Green Smoothie Recipe

Banana Cashew Smoothie

I love this green smoothie recipe! I’ve used this recipe in a few of my green smoothie challenges and it was so popular, I added it my RESET 28 Program for Energy & Weight Loss. This delicious recipe is a great way to add some healthy fats to your smoothie. Cashews contain omega-3 fatty acids, […]

Nut Milk Recipes

Making your own homemade nut milks in your blender is actually quite easy. I was reluctant to do it for the longest time. Then I finally made my own almond milk and was shocked at just how easy it is! DIY Nut Milk Recipes (And A Bonus Recipe For Rejuvelac) Why Make Your Own Nut […]

Is The Sugar In Fruit Bad For You?

Is the sugar in fruit bad for you?

Sometimes after posting a delicious green smoothie on the Incredible Smoothies Facebook page, I will get a comment or two from people who are concerned about the sugar content of the fruit that I used. Their concerns are twofold: 1) They have heard that fructose causes weight gain, and fruits contain fructose, therefore fruits must […]

Green Smoothies For Arthritis & Gout

Green Smoothies For Arthritis and Gout

“Is there a green smoothie for arthritis?” I get that question a lot. So today, I decided to round up some research that may help you create a special smoothie blend to ease your aching joints. Not only can a daily green smoothie help you lose weight, shedding those extra pounds can alleviate excess stress […]

Pumpkin-Carrot Green Smoothie Recipe

Pumpkin-Carrot Green Smoothie

I love pumpkin green smoothies and this delicious blend is no exception! I used pumpkin puree as the roasted pumpkin is going to have more flavor. If you want to add fresh pumpkin, I would add 1 full cup of pumpkin and only add four ounces of almond milk as the fresh pumpkin isn’t going […]

Top 10 Healthy Holiday Smoothie Recipes

Gingerbread Smoothie Recipe

The holidays are notorious for sugary treats. From the office Christmas party to the family cookie exchange, everyone loves to bake and share their favorite creations. And there’s nothing wrong with allowing yourself a little indulgence once in a while. My mom makes the best vanilla fudge, and even I enjoy it once a year. […]

Pineapple-Avocado Green Smoothie Recipe with Pear

Pineapple Avocado Green Smoothie Recipe

I love this green smoothie! Not only are pineapple and avocados delicious, but they are both very good for you. Pineapples have anti-inflammatory properties and are great for people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. They are also a great source of fiber. Just one cup of pineapple contains 9% of your daily recommended value of […]

Healthy Coconut and Macadamia Nut Treats

I got the idea for these healthy coconut and macadamia nut treats when I moved from Massachusetts to upstate New York this summer. I needed to eat up the food in my refrigerator before the move, and that’s where this tasty little treat idea came from. I had a bag of Macadamia nuts and cashews […]