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FREE 7-Day Green Smoothie Bowl Challenge!

Join my FREE, 7-day green smoothie bowl experience and I'll send you 7 delicious recipes with specific ingredients designed to help you:

  • lose weight,
  • detox,
  • boost your energy,
  • strengthen your immune system,
  • and beat cravings!

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During the 7-day green smoothie bowl challenge, I will show you:

  • How to make a high-protein smoothie bowl without protein powder!
  • How to get more calcium than a glass of milk using just fruits and veggies!
  • How to enjoy chocolate, with zero guilt (because this type of chocolate is actually good for you!)
  • How to skip the nasty bug that's going around by supporting your immune system with common foods found in your grocery store.

Here's what you get:

When you join the FREE 7-Day Smoothie Bowl Challenge by Incredible Smoothies, I'll Give You:

Tracy Russell, Creator of Incredible Smoothies

Tracy Russell - Creator of Incredible Smoothies

  • Immediate access to a beautiful, informative smoothie bowl guide featuring 7 delicious, hearty green smoothie bowl recipes! It's a free gift from me to you!
  • All 7 smoothie bowl recipes feature only 5-7 ingredients, so they are super-simple and quick-to-make. Uncomplicated and delicious.
  • Grocery shopping list, just to make things easier for you!
  • Replace one meal each day with a smoothie bowl and you will give your body a mega-dose of nutrients and antioxidants. It will probably thank you with boosted energy levels, and slightly looser pants.
  • I'll send you more information about how these green smoothie bowls boost your energy, nutrition, and help you become healthy and vibrant. I will also keep you updated about new recipes and other free challenges.
We Love Our Green Smoothies!

We love our green smoothies!

Get the FREE smoothie bowl challenge sent to your e-mail!

Citrus Green Smoothie
Smoothie Bowl w/ Berries & Almonds
Chocolate-Lovers Green Smoothie

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