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My name is Tracy Russell, creator of the Green Smoothie Weight Loss program. My website features over 300 free recipes and lots of in-depth information about health and nutrition.

The foundation of what I teach centers around green smoothies and whole foods.  These delicious smoothies are a nutrient powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that can dramatically improve your health.

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Do you have a question about green smoothies, health and nutrition? I know you do! And I’ve got answers! Check out my Green Smoothie FAQ Page. If your question is not answered there, head over to the Incredible Smoothies Facebook Page for advice.

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I created a 7-part e-course that’s completely free to get you started on your healthy journey today. This e-course is called “7 Steps To Better Health”. It covers important health topics like: How To Increase Your Energy, The Secret To Green Smoothie Weight Loss, Fitness Tips For Non-Athletes, and more.

What Else Do I Make In My Blender?

My website isn’t just about smoothies (no, I don’t do a smoothie diet). I like to get creative with my blender by making homemade nut milks, quick and easy soups, whole green juices, and lots of delicious whole foods recipes (both raw and vegan).

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To simplify communication, please connect with me on Facebook or through my Contact Page. Also, your questions might be answered in the Green Smoothie FAQ.