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  1. Been using a c v for a while now I’m getting used to it so maki g it stronger
    The after taste is quite nice
    I suffer from a dry mouth due to tablets I’m on
    Android my mouth waters up lovely after a c v

  2. Is it have honey if yes then without honey is available in market ? And other question Is it good heart artery blockage?

  3. Living in South Carolina, during hot weather, or anytime I am thirsty, I enjoy ACV year round in a glass of water and ice! It is very refreshing! I also enjoy ACV with meals!
    …I keep the unfiltered ACV in my refrigerator! …My husband had a very stressful job so he slept poorly. He began drinking ACV with slightly warm water to help dissolve the honey at bedtime. He slept so well he claimed he could become a millionaire if he could bottle his drink and sell the ACV-HONEY-WATER concoction!

  4. Yes was drinking this for a while but then someone said it would ruin my teeth so stoped also now have vasculits so not sure if I should go back to it

  5. I have been drinking apple cider vinegar in water for over a year and I was able to stop taking my acid reflux medication

  6. I’ve had apple cider vinegar before but after I would take it for a very little while I would get a yeast infection, so I stopped taking it. I’m afraid to try it again! Has anyone else told you that?

  7. Had my first ACV Tonic this morning. It is an “acquired” taste for sure but I am going to stick with it and see if there is any change to my weight. Of course I will be sticking to the Reset program as well!

  8. I will never say the taste of apple cider vinegar is pleasant, I rather excersise than have to drink that to get weight off. The only thing I use it for is an upset stomach. If you take a teaspoon or tablespoon, depending on how upset your stomach is, within 15 minutes or so you should start feeling better. That also means your body doesn’t produce the necessary acids to digest some foods properly.

  9. I really like this tonic. I made it for my parents and my Dad felt a real “pick me up” in energy from it. The ginger and cinnamon made it taste a bit like a hot toddy so that’s a plus! : ) We’ll be taking this every morning!

  10. Do you drink this first thing, before anything else (food, coffee etc.) I’d love to get in to this habit but not sure when the “best” time is. Thanks!

  11. Hi Tracy
    I’m in South Africa, Mpumalanga and have enjoyed your smoothies but not done the boot camp. I definitely will try the acv tonic as soon as I can get the raw apple cider vinegar! Not sure where I can get that though??? Keep up the good work. Cheers

  12. To avoid damaging teeth, use a straw. I’ve not know ACV causing yeast infection. ACV cures yeast infection, especially that irratible outside itch. Dilute little water apply with cotton ball. Works for me.

  13. Drink this tonic 15 min. Prior to eating, brushing teeth, etc. Wait 10 after you drink tonic to brush teeth

  14. I do want to start not sure if I can do it sense I take medicine for high cholesterol high blood pressure and anxiety. If anyone knows if it will be ok to do please let me know. Thanks KC

  15. I take the same meds. Acv lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. You check with your doc on how it will effect your anxiety meds. I put 2 tablespoons in my green smoothie and it was delicious. Sweet and tangy.

  16. This will be difficult to do since my pot of coffee is on automatic and brews me a few cups of java which I consume in a matter of minutes. Changing to a different morning brew will be a challenge!

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