Green Smoothie Weight Loss Tips

Green Smoothie Weight Loss TipsOne of the major health benefits of adding green smoothies into your daily routine is weight loss. I lost 40 pounds after I started making green smoothies and whole foods a foundation to my diet.

I don’t even consider the way I eat as a “diet”! It’s just a healthier way to eat. Now I maintain a healthy, ideal weight with little effort and no counting of calories, points or carbs.

I’m not the only one reporting weight loss with green smoothies. Just about everyone I have talked to who regularly drink green smoothies with a sensible diet has reported weight loss as one of the many health benefits gained through their delicious smoothie habit! (Read these weight loss testimonials!)

How Smoothies Help You Lose Weight

Green smoothies help you lose weight for a variety of reasons. First of all, they are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients that you need to lose weight fast, safely and easily without feeling like you are starving or on a liquid diet.

Secondly, they help reduce your craving for sugary junk foods. Your sweet tooth is satisfied by all of the delicious, nutritious fruit you put in there while your calorie intake is kept in check because fruit and vegetables are much lower in calories, fat and sugars than any processed junk food you can splurge on.

After including two green smoothies to my diet each day I lost 40 pounds. I went from 147 pounds to 107 pounds. I started gravitating toward more salads meals and whole foods because that was what I was craving. Yes, I was craving spinach and celery! Don’t believe me? Start drinking your banana-strawberry green smoothies and we’ll talk in a couple months when you’re snacking on carrot sticks instead of potato chips!

Weight Loss Smoothie Tips

1 – Drink A Smoothie For Breakfast. I start my day, every day with a filling green smoothie using fruit, leafy greens, a scoop of protein powder and a tablespoon or two of ground flax and/or sesame seeds. I might add a couple cherry tomatoes or a stalk of celery to the mix and I’m good to go until lunchtime! You will want to make sure you add enough to your green smoothies to reach your calorie-intake goals. This might mean fortifying your shake with higher-calorie fruits like banana and mango or having a second green smoothie mid-morning.

2 – Drink A Smoothie For A Snack. Green smoothies make excellent snacks. Instead of milk and cookies, how about a blueberry-banana or coconut-pineapple shake. You’ll get fewer calories and it will be just as sweet! You’ll also get much more nutrition than milk and cookies could ever provide.

3 – Make Your Smoothie A Meal. Some of my smoothies are lower in calories than others. You can browse my smoothie recipes for healthy shakes that match your target, per-meal calorie intake or increase the calories in your smoothie by adding protein powder, ground nuts, seeds, avocado or additional, high-calorie fruits such as mango, grapes or bananas. With a complete package of carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, a rich, creamy green smoothie can make a tasty, satisfying weight loss meal!

4 – Don’t Use Milk or Yogurt In Your Smoothies. Despite what the dairy industry advertises, cows milk is simply not a natural food for adult humans. Studies also suggest that drinking 3 or more glasses of milk each day might actually contribute to obesity, especially among children! Milk and yogurt add unnecessary fat and calories and have other possible negative health consequences that could undermine your health and weight loss goals. If you are concerned about calcium, most of my smoothie recipes contain at least 15% of your daily value of calcium and many contain up to 40%.

5 – Eat More Whole Foods. Eating whole foods means moving away from prepackaged, artificial foods that are loaded with sugars, high-fructose corn syrup, sodium and other preservatives, dyes and artificial flavorings as well as high fat and calorie content. The secret to losing weight and keeping it off is to shift your diet to foods that you buy along the perimeter of the grocery store. Buy the bulk of your foods from the produce section.

6 – Exercise Every Day. It doesn’t take much exercise to lose weight and maintain a lean body. Thirty minutes each day with a mix of light cardio and free weights can go a long way, especially if you add a brisk, 30 minute walk in the evenings or during your lunch break. While green smoothies and a healthy diet can help shed the pounds, exercise helps tone the body and boost your metabolism. I run and do Turbulence Training.

7 – Stop With The Fad Diets, Potions and Pills. There are some crazy fad diets out there and they all simply do not work. What does work is a sensible approach to your diet and lifestyle. Instead of depriving yourself of foods you love, use moderation. Adding green smoothies is a good start. Replace breakfast or lunch with a green smoothie and have a salad with dinner.

Over time, you might find yourself gravitating toward healthier food choices like we did. The key to losing weight and keeping it off is to permanently change your lifestyle. That is why temporary fad diets do not work. Once you stop dieting, you put the pounds back on and then some. Green smoothies are not a sacrifice. They are a healthy addition to a meal or even a meal replacement. They are a lifestyle choice that you’ll enjoy every day.

8 – Get A Support System. It is extremely difficult to make a lifestyle change on your own, especially if your spouse or partner isn’t on board with your decision to cut back on fast food, pizza and ice cream. It is important to bring others on board with your weight loss or health goals and hold each other accountable. It can be hard eat a salad when others around you are eating pizza. Try to get your spouse, partner or friend to help you lose weight and make the lifestyle decision together.

9 – Commit To A Change The best way to achieve any goal, such as weight loss or fitness, is to commit yourself to it and have a plan.

Are You Ready To Start Your Weight Loss Journey?

If you are ready to see what green smoothies and a whole foods diet can do for your weight loss goals, then check out my RESET 28 program. Let me show you how 28-days can boost your energy, shed pounds, get healthy skin and turn your health around! The program comes with a full 28-day meal plan, weekly grocery shopping lists (so convenient!), and even a motivational support group.

I want to make it as easy as possible for you to change your life for the better by embracing a sustainable green smoothie and whole foods lifestyle. Let’s do this!

Tracy Russell is the creator of RESET 28: A 28-Day Program For Energy, Weight Loss & A Healthy Glow, and founder of Incredible Smoothies. She has been helping people take control of their health and well being with green smoothies, a whole foods diet, and fitness since 2009.