A few of my readers have been asking for coffee smoothie recipes. I really don’t have a lot of coffee recipes on my site, so I thought I would create some that blend my favorite fruits with everyone’s favorite “bean”. Since I quit caffeine a while ago, I used decaf coffee for this recipe. It’s […]

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This delicious green smoothie blends two of my favorite things – cherries and vanilla! This is a great post-workout smoothie (or meal) providing almost 400 calories and 17 grams of protein in just 26 ounces of deliciousness. I added some pumpkin seed protein powder from Sprout Living for a boost of protein. Sprout Living is […]

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When I wanted the flavor of vanilla in my green smoothies, I used to use a little vanilla extract. It wasn’t until I finally got around to buying some actual vanilla beans that I realized just how much I love real vanilla. It’s pretty easy to use, but if you’re a vanilla newbie, you might […]

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I’m slightly obsesed with chia seed pudding these days. My first chia seed pudding was thise a strawberry-vanilla recipe that I made a little while ago. I loved it and kept on experimenting with different flavors. Chia seed pudding has the consistency of tapioca pudding without all the extra sugar. Chia seeds are a great […]

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This green smoothie was absolutely delicious! One reason was that it had persimmons, one of my favorite fruits. Dragon fruit is another exotic ingredient in this recipe. It has a very mild flavor, so I didn’t add a lot of other ingredients to this smoothie. I kept it simple with the persimmon and banana. The […]

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It’s cranberry season and that means new cranberry green smoothie recipes on Incredible Smoothies! Don’t be intimidated by the tartness of cranberries. The trick when using them in a smoothie recipe is to moderate the tart flavor with sweet fruit. In this recipe, raspberries and banana, along with fresh vanilla, do the trick – deliciously! […]

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I have been getting a lot of chard from my new neighbor, who has a huge vegetable garden in his backyard. While chard is not my favorite leafy green to use, I do like it when blended with certain sweet fruits like mango and peach. This green smoothie recipe provides a large dose of vitamin […]

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Mango, orange and vanilla is a delicious combination, but add some jackfruit to this green smoothie recipe and the flavor is over the top amazing! Usually, I make my green smoothies with fresh leafy greens. But I’ve been experimenting with an organic powdered green from Lebepur. Lebepur is a German company that produces powdered spinach, […]

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This is a delicious, banana-free green smoothie for the spring or summer. I used fresh, organic strawberries and peaches, accented the flavor with vanilla bean and homemade pistachio nut milk. Peaches are one of my favorite fruits. Toward late spring, I eagerly await their arrival in local fruit markets. I often cut them up and […]

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This green smoothie is very simple and yet very tasty. I love the way that fresh vanilla blends with the exotic sweetness of jackfruit. If you haven’t had jackfruit before, it’s a large fruit from southeast Asia. It taste like a mixture of banana, pineapple and mango. Some people say it tastes like Juicy Fruit […]

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