Cactus pears are the fruit of the prickly pear cactus or nopal. Also known as the cactus fig or tuna (as the fruit is called in Latin America), cactus pears are native to the western hemisphere, where they are largely cultivated in Mexico. The cactus pear is a sweet fruit with a flavor reminiscent of […]

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There is some confusion about whether or not certain fruit seeds are safe to blend with whole fruits in a green smoothie. Some natural health enthusiasts who blend whole fruits, seeds and all, say that the seeds give the plant life and therefore have “life-giving” properties for those who consume them. However, fruit seeds are […]

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I had some leftover cactus pears and pomegranate from previous recipes so I thought I’d toss them in a blender with goji berries to see what blends up. I also like to just dump a bunch of superfoods in a blender so that I can feel like I’ll turn into a superhuman as I drink […]

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This is a really easy and tasty smoothie using the antioxidant-rich fruit of the prickly pear cactus native to Mexico. Cactus pears have deep red flesh and are quite tasty. They also make your smoothies look beautiful with a deep red hue. Even if you have a high-speed blender you’ll want to remove the cactus […]

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