The Raw Food Diet

I did my first 30-day raw food diet trial in January of 2009. At the time, I was a strict raw foodists, what you might call “100% raw”. I fell in love with the diet and lifestyle and followed it for a few years.

I started out with the typical raw food diet that most people start with. I was living it up with raw vegan chocolate cake, decadent cashew cheese “lasagna”, and all manner of homemade and prepared raw vegan delicacies.

After a few months of eating an expensive, indulgent, raw gourmet diet, I immediately made the switch to the so-called 80-10-10 diet. The 80-10-10 diet, also called 811 or 811RV (Raw Vegan) is a low fat diet that emphasizes fruit consumption.

The macro-nutrient breakdown is like this: 80% of calories comes from carbohydrates (sweet fruit), 10% of calories comes from fat (nuts, seeds, avocado), and 10% of calories comes from protein (naturally occurring in nuts, fruits and leafy greens).

I followed the 811RV lifestyle for almost three years (see my 6-month and 2-year updates). I never went as far as strict fruitarianism, but I found a slightly modified 80-10-10 to be much easier to follow than the typical raw gourmet. I also felt and performed much better.

Eventually, I let my diet evolve into the much more sustainable, mostly raw, mostly vegan, whole foods diet that I follow today.

While I no longer call myself a “raw foodist”, I did write a lot about my experiences with the diet and decided to keep these posts archived here.

You can read what I wrote about getting enough protein, calcium and iron on a raw vegan diet, as well as why a mostly-raw diet might be better in the long run than 100% raw. Here’s my opinion on superfoods that are worthwhile, and those that are over-hyped.

Yummy Raw Vegan Recipes!

I have a collection of free raw vegan recipes on my website. You can also browse my green smoothie recipes (green smoothies are naturally raw and vegan)!

Try A Raw Food Diet For Yourself

If you are interested in trying out a raw vegan diet, then get all of the facts and information you need to know to do it right with my Thriving On Raw Foods 21-Day Transitional Meal Plan. The information in this program will help you avoid many of the common mistakes that cause problems on the diet. You’ll also learn how to avoid nutrient deficiencies and how to be successful at it.

Or Try A Mostly-Raw, Whole Foods Lifestyle

My 30-Day Whole Foods Challenge is mostly raw, 100% vegan (but easy to modify for non-veg diets), and provides a full month of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes. All of the nutrition information, grocery shopping lists and substitution recommendations are in the guide so it’s super easy to follow. You’ll even get my 15-Minute Fitness guide!

Tracy Russell is the creator of RESET 28: A 28-Day Program For Energy, Weight Loss & A Healthy Glow, and founder of Incredible Smoothies. She has been helping people take control of their health and well being with green smoothies, a whole foods diet, and fitness since 2009.