Green Smoothie So you’ve mastered the Smoothie Basics and now you want to kick it up a notch or two and make a…

…Super Green Smoothie!

Super smoothies take the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in a standard green smoothie and add super boosts to launch your health into a new stratosphere!

Add Protein: Boost the protein content of your smoothies with protein powder supplements. Learn about the differences between them and choose the right one for you.

Add Healthy Fats: Boosting the healthy fat content of your smoothies can make them a more satisfying meal replacement and add additional vitamins, minerals and health-promoting nutrients. Try using nuts, seeds or avocado.

Add Supplements: You can add powdered vitamins and minerals to boost your green smoothie nutrition. Find out which supplements and superfoods we take and why.

Boost Calcium: Green smoothies can be an excellent source of calcium. Find out how to make your smoothies with more calcium than a glass of milk.

Boost Iron: Get more iron in your diet with green smoothies. Focus on dark leafies like dandelion and kale. Try this Iron 101 smoothie recipe for a day’s worth of iron in just one glass.

Energy Smoothies: Need energy? Try adding raw maca powder or raw cacao. Use both in a green smoothie and you’ll be super-charged!

Omega-3 Smoothies: Get more than 100% of your daily value of plant-based omega-3 essential fats by adding chia or flax seeds to your smoothie.

Green Smoothie Recipes

Need some recipes? Browse my smoothie recipe pages for tasty smoothie creations or get inspiration to make your own!

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Tracy Russell is the creator of the Green Smoothie Weight Loss Program, the 30-Day Whole Foods Challenge and founder of Incredible Smoothies. She is passionate about helping people improve their health with green smoothies and a whole foods lifestyle.

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