Green smoothies have many health benefits. While the big one is weight loss, there are a host of other conditions that green smoothie drinkers swear have improved after they started blending on a regular basis.

Today’s Green Smoothie Inspiration is Tracy W., who lost ten pounds and tells us that her migraines have greatly diminished since drinking green smoothies.

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Green Smoothie Inspiration: Tracy W. – Lancaster, PA USA

“Green smoothies came into my life last November. I have been a frequent migraine sufferer for years, having migraines multiple times each month. I opted not to take a preventative medication as I wasn’t fond of the idea of having medicine in my body everyday. Since beginning drinking green smoothies eight months ago, supported by a high raw diet, my migraines have diminished greatly! I also don’t have as much of a problem with dry skin.

I have lost around 10 pounds. No I have not reached my goal weight, but I am working towards it. For me it was less about the weight and more about how I felt. I have also noticed a reduction in cellulite.

I drink one or two, 20-ounce green smoothies per day depending on whether or not I have a juice. On days I have a juice, I only drink one green smoothie. I have many green smoothie recipes that I love. My first green smoothie love was a spin off of one of Angela’s recipes from her blog Oh She Glows with bananas, spinach and almond milk.

I also really enjoy a simple pineapple smoothie using one cup of water (sometimes I use coconut water instead of plain water), one-and-1/2 cups frozen pineapple, one tablespoon hemp seeds and one handful of spinach.

After I starting drinking green smoothies, my mom became inspired and started drinking them as well. Shortly after, she got into juicing and eating a high raw diet (she inspired me to start juicing and eating high raw).

I crave my daily green smoothies and am so glad I took the “risk” of trying something new.”

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