Do Green Smoothies Contain Too Much Sugar And Is That A Diabetes Risk?

“I have a 16 ounce smoothie every day which contains all frozen fruit such as strawberry, blackberry, fresh banana, spinach, flax seed, etc. My question is, aren’t smoothies eventually converted to sugar and are you increasing risk of diabetes?” – Loan Great question, Loan, and it’s one I get on occasion. Many people assume that, […]

Are Green Smoothies Harmful If You Have High Iron Levels (or Hemochromatosis)?

I’ve received two questions about iron in the past couple days. Instead of the usual questions about how to get enough iron, these are both about having too much iron. If your iron levels are too high, should green smoothies be avoided? I’ll weigh in below. “I had a blood test this year and was […]

How Do I Gain Weight With Green Smoothies?

While most people turn to green smoothies and a whole foods diet to lose weight, some people need to gain weight. Others might feel that they are losing too much weight after they cut the fattening junk food from their diet. Whole foods diets are less calorie dense than diets rich in pizzas, cheeseburgers and […]

Does Blending Green Smoothies Destroy 90% Of Nutrients?

“I have been on such a green smoothie kick lately and then a vegan forum I’m part of posted a link from the Hippocrates center which stated that the high speed of blenders oxidizes and destroys up to 85-92% of the vitamins and enzymes, which bums me out since I spend a lot on organic […]

Is There A Substitute For Mangoes If I’m Allergic

“I am severely allergic to mangoes (which honestly is too bad, because I really like them). I’ve noticed that many of your recipes call for mangoes (even the soup recipes). Is there a substitute that I can use in the place of mangoes to achieve similar results? I have been considering trying to go raw, […]

Can Green Smoothies Fight Cellulite?

“Can green smoothies help with cellulite and can they help fight fine lines?” – Ashley According to the many diet recommendations for fighting cellulite, green smoothies fit in perfectly. They are water-rich and hydrating. They are also loaded with vitamin C, which helps prevent collagen breakdown – an alleged cause of cellulite. I can’t exactly […]

Green Smoothies And Massive Weight Loss

Green Smoothies and Massive Weight Loss

“I have started drinking green smoothies and so far, I am really enjoying them! I am close to 300 lbs and my goal is to lose 150 lbs. Would you please recommend different recipes for massive weight loss like this? Also, is it safe to replace all meals with green smoothies? Thank you for your […]